Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for problem resolution in Blue Division


Please click on the Contact Us like on the menu page and select in the drop down Blue Commisioner and send email, they will respond to all emails.
Section 3.07 Problem Resolution
(a) Problems with coaches, assistant coaches, players & parents at scrimmages/games should be referred to the Division Commissioner and your Program Chair/President immediately. The Division Commissioner will notify the Chair/President of the program that the reported violation/issue is being levied against as well as the Executive Board President and Vice President of Rules.

(b) The Division Commissioner and Vice President of Rules will investigate the reported violation/issue and make the determination if an UCYFL Rule, ByLaw or Coade of Conduct infraction took place and report their findings to the Executive Board President.

(c) The Executive Board President will issue the appropriate punishment in accordance with the Rules Violation Matrix. For issues not addressed under the Rules Violation Matrix, the incident will be submitted to the Board of Governors for disciplinary action.

(d) Within 3 days of receiving official notification of the Executives Boards findings and disciplinary action, Individuals may request that the Board of Governors conduct an official review of the findings and disciplinary action issued. The Board of Governors will have 2 weeks from the official request to review and issue their response. All decisions by the Board of Governors are final.

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